Just started using Scrivener... Thanks Scrivener Team!

Just wanted to give the Scrivener some Feedback from a new user.
(small sidenote: I’m working on scripts, some of which I would like to direct)

Last week I started delving into Scrivener.
Which is somewhat a surprise, since I purchased the program in 2012 based on word of mouth, websites, etc. But I could never get into it. It seemed like to much of a hassle. (Again, a bit strange, because I’m a video editor by day job, so it’s not that I’m unfamiliar with computers or software.

But I started going trough a projects ‘notes’. In my case, a Pages document of 70 pages long, with all kinds of notes scattered. Then I had dozens of RTF’s with dialogue scenes, seperately. Then I had a Research folder, some with 1000 PDF’s, …
I thought to myself: I should really get a better solution, I cannot go trough 70 pages of notes again, unfiltered, to go and search some remarks. So I bite the bullet. I opened the program, saw a new beautiful Yosemite design and… Well, I decided to wait a bit more. I watched tutorials, and did the interactive tutorial project inside Scrivener to get myself up to speed with it (it’s a good tutorial project, btw, hats off to the team).

A week ago I started the painful process of, as a test of course, starting to copy stuff into Scrivener, thinking how I would organise stuff (I’m quite neurotic in some ways), and I thought: well, let’s see if I can like this thing, if it can be a solution or more like an extra burden.
What can I say?
After only 2 hours of working on collecting everything, I already hated going back to the finder. Mind you, I love the fact that Scrivener has an export to Files option which kind of gets you a way out if you ever decide to put your work somewhere else. It was the backup solution that I needed to feel safe before using the program. The program ‘thinks like I think’, down to small details and automatisations.
We are now one week later, and I have started transferring all my projects to Scrivener. It takes a while, but it feels really good to have everything searchable in one program. To have all my notes organised.

So I wanted to give a shout out, a big thank you to the team. You made great software.
I know a lot of people are impatient to get their hands on the iOS version, and you can count me as one of them. I can understand some frustrations if they have waited for a long while. But as a new user, who hasn’t had the long wait, I can just look forward to an iOS version that provides the same quality and thought as your Scrivener desktop software (even if it doesn’t have all the features). After one week with your program, I feel very confident that it’s going to be worth the wait.

Thanks for the feedback! Glad to hear it wasn’t so bad once you got into it. :slight_smile: