Just want a simple cheap writing Laptop with Scrivener 3 on

Scrivener 3 for Windows is taking too long.

Normally I wouldn’t mind if my life wasn’t too stressful.

Nowadays I just want the old feeling back of having a typewriter. For a while I used to have this old large Ipad I bought used with Hanx type writer on but neither the app nor the tablet was updated cause sigh business.

What’s the best Mac for Scrivener 3? One that is long term, can easily hold up and upload files to the cloud without needing a heavy price for some version that can not only use wi-fi but cellular data (talking about IPad versions for my country) and just plain work.

Apple is hella expensive. Hell to budget for. Warranties require some original tinkering. Basically like most tech these days - you have to almost let yourself be consumed by the hive to know all the tricks and tweaks unless you are a heavy web reader.

Scrivener is the opposite. It has all the exclusive features. Corkboards, split views, export opportunities in order to be able to afford more expensive stuff if your book sells but man… it’s catering to a Mac Premium market.

Just look at the minimum system requirements to run version 3 and get a Mac that meets those. It could be second hand or refurbished. Macs typically have long lives. About six months ago I found in my cellar an old powerbook that I realised hadn’t been booted up for 13 years. I connected it to the power and it started immediately. One of the regular contributors to these forums is using a Macbook that is nine years old. Again, my brother has just changed his Macbook after using it for twelve years.