Just want to say Thank You

Dear Literature and Latte team.

This is just a quick message to say thank you for the free trial. Having used it for 21 days, I took the plunge and purchased the full version today. The software is wonderful and has made my writing much simpler and straightforward. I wont go into all the great features it has to offer (anyone curious enough should just download and try it out) but suffice to say, I’m more than happy with what it can do. Neither will i compare it to the mac version (i have the windows version). On its own, it is powerful, informative, friendly and above all, a program one can tailor to their own liking. With future updates and improvements in the pipelines, I can only smile, knowing that what i have is not only great, but evolving and improving with features that will enhance the experience.

Thank you once again. Had you not put out the free trial version, i doubt i would have brought it, so high five for the sound business sense.

Right, enough said, time to get back to my novel. Scrivener is not counting these words towards my daily target lol.

God bless and all the best :smiley:

Thank you for taking the time to share, and for picking up a copy of course! Glad to hear that it already works well for you. We of course feel the same way, that it already has everything a writer needs, right now. So it’s nice to hear that. Of course we have a lot of great stuff coming down the pipeline, too. :slight_smile: Welcome to the club.