Just wanted to say Thank You to the author

I’ve been looking for a program like this for a while, and I wouldn’t have found it if it wasn’t for a Smith Micro email I got the other day. I read what it could do and I just had to have it.

I’m just amazed how much I feel at home with it. Like it was made for how my brain seems to work :smiley:

I write articles, I do a lot of reseach, I do re-writes and when I write i just keep getting those ideas. I’ve used a little app called note-it in the past, or other sortlike programs to keep my ideas sorted (that was after I cluttered my workspace with too many post-it notes to keep my ideas organized and my mind relatively sane).

But this app does it all for me! I love it!

Sure I’ve used Word as a word processor (tho I don’t like it, because it adds a lot of unnecessary noise), notepad as a quick editor and (don’t laugh) Illustrator to keep my ideas sorted (you can create many different sized artboards in the program and basically use them like you do the research tab in Scrivener).

I do all the layout work in Indesign, so I’m not depending on Word for that. In fact even if I work in Word I save it as a basic text file, otherwise it’s too easy to mess up Indesign templates with it.

All in all I already noticed an increase in my productivity, and a lot of things I needed seperate apps for I now can do in one program. That is worth a LOT to me. To being able to work faster and more efficient.

So here’s my feedback and again, thank you for creating this app and the nice deal I got out of it. Funds are a little low right now, as we near the end of the month - but I had some room and happily paid for it.