justification in Compile

Learning the ropes - so a newbie question.
I am working to compile my manuscript, so I can print it out & share it with a reader.
Using the default Manuscript (Times).

When I compile - the text is center-justified in many seemingly random places.

In the “original” I have used “justify the text”. I show invisible and cannot see any reason the lines would be indented/ centered.

Is there a Manuscript Template settings where i can set the justification?


Have you done the interactive Tutorial project? The part covering Compile?

Thanks. Not recently. I will look again.
I read the text in “NOVEL FORMAT” from About This Template down - don’t see anything there ?

Hi Lunk

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Just telling me to look at the Interactive Tutorial Project isnt actually that helpful. That’s basically telling somebody to buy a dictionary when they ask you what a word means.

If you know how to work with justification in compile - please tell me.
that is all that is required.


If you haven’t done the tutorial and don’t know the basics of how Compile works, it would have to be a rather long answer, explaining all the basics that you should already know, if you have done the tutorial.

The short, distinct answer is that you change it in the same place where you change font etc for the specific section type you have assigned to that kind of text. In that format window you have the usual icons for text justification.

One possibility is that the oddly centred text is inadvertantly styled, and that style is being adjusted to centre alignment by the Manuscript (Times) Format. Check the Format Bar in these sections, and make sure all body text is set to “No Style”, to allow the compiler to set the text according to the Format’s specifications.

If you do not use styles at all in your writings, then you could use the Documents ▸ Convert ▸ Text to Default Formatting tool on the entire Draft. It has an optional switch for stripping out styles. Only use that if you really know it is safe to do so though. That will nuke style assignments for block quotes, headings, captions under images, etc. This tool will not wipe out inline formatting like italics.

Thank you Lunk.

Thank you Amber.

You have both pointed me in the right direction. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.