Justified text trouble in editor

Good day,

I think there’s something wrong with the justified text in Scrivener for windows : I cannot compose in justified style because the application just scramble my words all over the place :open_mouth:

Please have a look at the picture below (see full size image on the tiny pic site) : when I finish my paragraph (i.e. press return), the justified formatting is doing well, but when I’m writing the piece the spacing is really messed up.


I hope you’d be able to help, thanks a lot

This is a bug related to showing the invisible characters, so you can fix it for now by turning off Format > Options > Show Invisibles. Alternatively, you could use left alignment in the editor rather than justified and then set it to be justified when compiled, since your editor formatting does not need to match your final output. But if you like the look of working with justified, turning off invisibles should help for now.