Karen Wiesner's 30-Day draft process

This was mentioned in another thread.

Anyone used it? Is it free or a book you buy? Where can I get it please?

Having so far written my story in a ‘as it comes to me’ format I find myself having to refer back and forth a lot, revise and continually remind myself what’s happened / where I’m up to in each sub-plot.


Karen’s book is available from Amazon. (I’ve not read it.)

These might also help a little:

The Eight Cs of a Storytelling Arc
briarkitesme.com/2014/12/14/the- … lling-arc/

How To Write A Novel
briarkitesme.com/2014/11/03/writ … ing-minds/

The Guardian ran a whole series on it – slightly cut down from the book but still very comprehensive cover, including step by step instructions and all the worksheets.


I’ve read it. I think it could be more accurately titled “How to Write A Damn Good Outline in Thirty Days” (to borrow a title style from James N. Frey). But it’s none the worse for that. In effect it’s an excellent guide to the outlining process, if that’s what shakes your tree.