Katherine Anne Porter's Introduction to Eudora Welty's stories

I recently started reading “A Curtain of Green and Other Stories” and even though I haven’t read any of the actual stories yet (I tend to read more than one book at a time, to and fro, according to my mood) but I devoured the introduction Katherine Anne Porter wrote for it in 1941. These are some of the excerpts I wrote down on my notebook because they spoke to me so much. I hope they stirr nice things in you:

I love all of those fragments, both in content and form, but the ones in bold format speak especially to me, as I am always looking for possible answers when it comes to authenticity and respecting one’s individual way of doing things, whatever it is you’re doing. I would love to know what other think of this (especially if I get answers that help me grow in the direction I want to. Watcha gonna do?).

  • This parragraph reminded me of these lines that George Steiner wrote in 1980 for The New Yorker, in his article ‘The Cleric of Treason’:

Wonderful words are wonderful.