KB on HuffPo Arts

huffingtonpost.com/2010/11/2 … 88388.html

Nice photo. Looking handsome and rested. Must have been taken before the 2.0 deluge.

Moorish architecture in the background, seems to suggest, summer holiday in …Spain?

Heh heh, that’s the one - the Alhambra, as you’ve clearly deduced. I have to stress that I wanted to provide a screenshot, but the writer insisted on a photo…

An enigmatic look, with just a hint of insouciance about the eyes and corners of the mouth.


You look so much younger than I imagined. Just the hours you put into Scrivener alone should make you an old, old man.

I think that’s a picture of Brother Kevin.
You know, the medievalist with his grubby little goatee. :mrgreen:

You’re right, Druid. I think it’s Keith’s evil twin.

Ha, well, obviously I got to choose the picture and there’s a good reason I chose one from our holiday just before the final 2.0 push, and one in which I’m wearing sunglasses. It’s one of about three photos taken of me this year in which I don’t look grey. :slight_smile: