Keep losing text

Every once in a while I click something wrong I’m not even aware of while typing text and lose half the document. How do I retrieve it??? I can’t recreate what I just input.

A quick Cmd-Z (Undo) is usually the best answer in that situation.

At least for me, the most common cause of vanishing text is an accidental Cmd-A (Select All) in place of Shift-Cmd-A (Insert Annotation). Any typing after that will overwrite the selection. Again, a prompt Undo command will bring it back.

It’s also possible to accidentally split a document, with the Opt-Cmd-K shortcut. In that case, the missing material will still be present in a new document somewhere in the Binder. If Cmd-Z doesn’t help, using the Project Search is the next thing to try.

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Accidental trackpad use, if you’re on a laptop, can also cause this (though Mac hardware is usually pretty good about disabling the trackpad while typing and knowing from the shape of hand contact whether it is a deliberate action or not). But for example if the mouse pointer is higher up on the screen than where you are typing, and you press Shift to capitalise something and simultaneously tap the trackpad, sending a click, then you just Shift-clicked, which selects from the cursor to the click point. If you continue typing—poof!

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