keep raw style when exporting

Is it possible to keep a style when exporting to PDF? In other words, I don’t want the compiler to touch it.

I’m trying to use this style from the manual

In other words, I want this to look “as is” after the compile. I’ve read 15.5.6 Preserve Formatting in the user manual and it doesn’t seem to include a regular PDF. Thanks for any help.

Preserve formatting should work for PDFs, save for the background colour, as that is just a visual embellishment used in the editor alone.

If you want to preserve a background colour, you can use a single-cell table and give that a colour. See attached.

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Slàinte mhòr. (528 KB)

Note that the manual uses Markdown and a lot of automation in addition to Scrivener’s built-in tools.

Styles act as a limited “Preserve Formatting” command: the Compile command won’t change them unless you redefine that specific style in the Compile Format. (That’s one of the reasons why styling your entire manuscript is not recommended.)