Keep titles with body

Is there a way to force a title to a new page if it is the last thing on a page? I’m getting a page of text and then the title for the next section is at the bottom and all of the text is on the next page. Of course, changing the font size changes this completely, but I’m wondering if there is a check box or setting that I missed that will avoid orphans and widows?

There are a couple of different options.

You could set the Page Break Before flag for the following section. Do that in the Compile -> Contents pane. This is the best choice if you’re only concerned with a few specific documents.

Or, if you want to force all documents of a given type – say all Chapter folders – to start on a new page, use the Compile -> Separators pane.

If you’re compiling to one of the word processor formats (Word or RTF), there’s also a widow and orphan control option in the Compile -> Layout pane.

Finally, if you’re going to need to make other layout changes outside of Scrivener anyway, you could wait and make the adjustment manually in your page layout program. This might be the best choice if your post-Scrivener changes are likely to change the page break locations significantly.


Or, use Format > Text > Keep with Next on the title.

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Perfect! Exactly what I was looking for.