Keep up the good work (please/thank you)

Scrivener makers,

I love Scriv and just read your blog post re: iOS version taking a while. That’s cool - I’m sure it will be worth the wait!

Scriv is the best app and writing tool I’ve ever used, so a two year wait is nothing. Please keep it coming.

(I couldn’t post this in the blog section so here it is…)

Thanks, Turgon!

Were you unable to sign up for the blog to comment? Maybe a direct link will help. I do see an error when I click on the log in link from an article. I’ll have to look into what is going on there.

Whenever it’s released… I’ll buy iOS Scrivener without a second thought… Scrivener is the best software out there for writing… and I expect the iOS version will further enhance that no end…

We all appreciate your hard work on all versions of Scrivener… sometimes its just enough to say ‘Thanks for everything you do…’ :wink: