Keep With Next - text not linked to photo. Why?

Hi L&L experts,

I have read the manual carefully and tried to use keep with next to pair caption with photo in my Kindle book.

Mac OSX and I select the photo and the line of text below. Then I select:

Format > Text > Keep with Next

My understanding is that the photo and text should not be separated when viewed on a Kindle reader or other device.

However this is not happening.
The photo is often on one page and caption is on the next.

Any suggestions?



How big is the image? If the image by itself fills the page, then the reader won’t be able to keep them together.


That’s a good question. I have experimented with small images (500 pixels long dimension) to make sure there would be enough room for the caption. I don’t want the photo to be too small though because it’s a book about photography, and if the photos are 300 pixels or smaller on the long edge it will be hard to see detail.

Is there a size that tends to work best when using “Keep With Next”?


For which reader?

That’s the fundamental challenge for ebook formatting: the range of possible reader screen sizes is enormous, from phones all the way to large desktop displays, and most reader software allows the user to change font size (and therefore page size) at will.

My advice would be to use an image size large enough to show the detail you want on “typical” (however you choose to define that) reader devices, and let the captions fall where they may. Most ebook users are familiar with the issue and won’t be surprised if the captions roll over to the next page.


There are no directly comparable features to such a thing as “keep with next” on a Kindle or other HTML-based format to my knowledge, and nothing will be exported by Scrivener in replacement of these codes. There probably are some CSS tricks that could be employed (outside of the realm of Scrivener as post-compile design work).

By the way, from your description it sounds like you are inserting KWN codes for both the caption and the image. In most cases you would want one for the image line, so that it keeps the caption (what is next) with it, but you probably don’t want the caption and image glued as well to the paragraph following the caption, too.