Keeping 2 lines together in PDF???

I’m currently publishing a book on CreateSpace for Amazon printed copies, and I generate a PDF from Scrivener since this offers nice layout controls.

The only problem I have are widows/orphans controls, ending up with pages starting with just 1 line of the last paragraph, before continuing.
I absolutely need to at least impose to keep 2 lines together on top of pages.

The Widows/Orphans options seem to only be there for RTF/Word output.
Isn’t there a way to include this for PDF files? I currently just can’t publish the book as-is.
Going through the Word mess is not an option, it’s so bad at handling headers/footers, and the document is cut into sections that don’t work.
Word doesn’t allow the PDF flexibility to start pages at page 9, etc… I don’t want to edit the Word document manually each time I Compile the book.

Example, top of page:
as it said yesterday.
The pilot was in hurry, heading to Portland as fast
as he could, burning the remaining kerosene left
in his wings.

The first line “as it said yesterday” should not be alone at the top of the page…
Should be attached to the previous page “last line”

Thanks for any help on orphans control for PDF files.

Scrivener doesn’t support widow/orphan control as it is not intended to be a full page layout program, so for this sort of thing you will need to use Word or a dedicated layout program. (Most published books don’t bother with orphan/widow control, as far as I can see from my bookshelves.)

Thanks for your comment.
Well, do you have printed books showing just 1 line of text at the top, in the flow of a full page?
I checked some of mines, but didn’t run into this.

If Scrivener offers this option for RTF and Word, I guess it’s not that complex to also offer it for PDF…
That’s very annoying anyway.


Exactly so. I only have to open a few random books, and I see them all over the place. Not all books, of course, but plenty:

It’s entirely different. To add widow and orphan control to RTF and Word files, it’s as simple as Scrivener placing keyword in the file that tells Word or whatever word processor you open the file in to use widow and orphan control when it lays out the document. All the layout of the text is done by Word, it is not done in the file itself. When exporting to PDF, Scrivener has to layout all of the text, so Scrivener has to handle the widow and orphan control. And in fact, a couple of years ago, I took out a technical support request with Apple as part of my developer program enrolment asking them for help getting widow and orphan control working in their rich text system (which Scrivener uses), as I thought I’d look into whether it was feasible. Even the Apple coders couldn’t get it working! At any rate, this is something left for dedicated layout programs, as I say.

Ok you convinced me :slight_smile:
I’m a developer too, so I know it can be tricky, but I thought that Scrivener had a PDF engine that was easily programmable.

Thanks for all your examples.

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