Keeping Keywords etc when you split a scene

I want to be able to split a scene that includes many characters, locations etc and keep the keywords, label, status etc. Is this possible?

If I have a scene with 10 attributes it is a hell of a lot easier deleting the ones that do not apply rather than having to go though all over again and try and work out which ones should go in.



Ultimately yes, all the meta-data should be preserved when you do a split scene; at the moment, though, no, there’s no way to do that. Label and Status are easy to do in batch changes; you can select multiple documents in the binder, corkboard, or outliner and then right-click and assign them all a label or status from the context menu. Keywords unfortunately you’ll have to do per-document; it will be possible later to select a group of documents and drag keywords to them so that the keywords apply to all the selected documents, but Lee wasn’t able to get that into the 025 beta. You can however select multiple keywords from the HUD and drop them onto a single document.