Keeping pages when compiling to epub

Hi! I’m a Scrivener and self publishing newbie. Actually, I’m currently working on finding an illustrator (I could ramble about that…one potential just sent me sketches…OMG! AWESOME!!).

Anyway, is it possible to keep the same number of pages when compiling from scrivener into epub? I have my book set up in the format/page size I would like the physical book to be in, but that all goes away when compiled to epub. Is this because it needs to be read on all sorts/ sizes of devices?

I did search, but couldn’t find anything…Thank you in advance!!

Yes, as you’ve guessed, an epub can potentially appear on anything from a smartphone to a full size desktop monitor. Moreover, most reader software allows the user to change the font size in a range from tiny to huge.

So no, there is no way to force a particular page size for epubs.

Now, it is possible to keep a chunk of material together, by including it as an image. And it is possible to force page breaks.

But for standard text? No, Scrivener has no way to control the page size.


Thanks Katherine! With the illustrations, I’ll have to fool around with the pages as images to keep them together…if possible. Then view on multiple devices we have at home to see how they look.