Keeping prefs in full-screen mode

Once you’ve set paper-width, text size etc in full screen mode, how do you get Scrivener to remember these settings?

What do you mean, exactly? Scrivener should remember these settings between sessions. When you re-open a project, the full screen settings should be exactly as you left them.

Presumably you mean that you want your full screen settings to be applied to new projects? If that is the case, you should use File > Save As Template. Basically, just create a blank project (File > New Project). Set up everything in that project as you would like all of your new projects to start - the window size, the width of the binder, whether or not the inspector or second editor is open, the full screen settings and so forth. Then use File > Save As Template, and name your template something like “My Default Project” or whatever. Then, whenever you go to File > New Project, instead of selecting “Empty Project” from the Assistant, choose the template that you created for all your new projects.

All the best,

Thanks Keith. I am indeed talking about new projects.