Keeps reverting to trial version on my laptop (2nd pc)

I thought the license was a family one? Ahem…

Each licence is a “household licence”, which allows you to use our software on as many computers as you own…

However, my laptop (my second PC) installation keeps telling me, Scrivener does not have a valid installation and reverting to trial mode.

Each time I put in the license key, get a weird message to the effect “when transfering between computers please deactivate the other installation, but it should work even if you don’t”. It then works for a short period before deciding I don’t have a valid license after all, and reverting to trial mode…

Note that I am copy and pasting the key from the relevant email.


Literature and Latte do not handle license questions here. Contact their support directly.

When you see that message, Scrivener is having trouble connecting to the license server (it has to phone home once in a while). Connecting to the internet and starting again SHOULD fix the problem; you should then be able to disconnect and work offline.

I did have it connected to the internet. I also whitelisted both paddle.exe and scrivener.exe on the windows firewall. Still didn’t work.

What did work was changing my account to an Administrator one.

That seems… suboptimal. But there’s the fix.

Running as administrator worked for me as well, and I haven’t come across the problem since. There may have been some change to your PC caused by an unrelated update to another program that triggered the event (I was unable to figure out what caused it on my system), but it’s fixed and now you know what to do if it happens again.