Keith guest blogging for James Fallows


I apologize if this is already common knowledge here, but I just noticed that James Fallows announced that Keith Blount will be one of the guest bloggers this week, filling in for James on his Atlantic Monthly blog, which you can find here:


Psst, don’t tell anyone - I have no idea what I’m going to write and so will no doubt end up writing 2,000-word posts about nothing.

so what’s new Mr Kevin?

Exactly - except it’s The Atlantic, so I feel I oughtta sound, y’know, erudite and stuff. Bum.

Oh, look, he gave you an assignment: you’re expected to “talk about what it is like to run a small software house, the endlessly fascinating relationship between software and thinking, etc.”

So just be endlessly fascinating, and you’ll be good, erudite or not. :wink:

And “etc.” means you have a free hand. It’s all good.

If you write about China, make sure it’s the table-setting and not the country. There’s been a lot on the country in recent posts.

Eruditionism’s illegal init Kev!? And watch you don’t catch something nasty. Keep it safe. Best keep the condoms handy. Simple ones’ll do. Don’t need fancy flavours, or loads of nobbles and bobbles on 'em.
Just be careful.