Keka compression bug, one project

I always have two projects open, and I backup to zip. Before uploading the latest project backups to google drive I recently decided to start encrypting the zip files to protect them from google’s prying AI eyes. To be specific, I want to use 7zip format with 256 encryption. I’ll re-compress each backup zip into an encrypted 7zip file. Long story short Keka is the app for this on mac for both zip and 7zip files.

One of my projects works fine, but the other one never finishes re-compressing with Keka. Seems like a Keka bug, but oddly enough its with the simpler scrivener project that won’t recompress. It’s basically a starter template project with some small changes to folders and some basic text added.

Any ideas?

Try it in Terminal with the --verbose parameter.

ADD: Question. When you say

do you unzip the backup first?

  1. Are all the zipped backups of this one project showing the same problem? Or just one?

  2. For good measure, make sure the project associated with the zipped backup is not open in Scrivener when you are applying your encrypt/zip app.

  3. I would duplicate the source project file in Finder and try zipping that duplicate directly with the app. This seems like it should enable you to discern whether the snag is in unzipping or encrypting/rezipping.