Kerning in PDF


With justified text I’m getting some random kerning in the PDF output of my project in that on some lines the spacing between letters is enormous. My solution so far has been to comb through and tighten the character spacing manually. This helps, but overall its quite tedious.

Does anybody have any other methods to counter this issue which they could share? It would be greatly appreciated.


I use Mellel for writing lengthy reports, with Scrivener as as complementary database for research.
Mellel has a feature in its find and replace whereby you can find one or more whitespaces and replace them with blank. Perhaps equally tedious to read through text copied and pasted from a pdf to manually insert a space between words that have become joined up but still a lot easier and more efficient I find than looking for and deleting / removing the extra space or spaces to begin with.

Perhaps S’s find and replace has a similar /same feature? I do not understand the term ‘regular expression’ but from the help guide it seems like something similar may be possible.

ps. I think I may have found the answer.

Edit>TextTidying>Replace Multiple spaces with single spaces.