Kerning in Times New Roman

Hi. Not a biggie, here, and I know that font/kerning problems were discussed with respect to Calibri before. I just came across an issue in Times New Roman, regular, 12 point, 125% zoom on Windows 10 with beta. The image is attached kerning.PNG

…look at the space between the “m” & “e.” There is not actually a space there, though it appears that there is.


Sure you try it with Options>Editor font hintng turned off.
The QT system Scrivner is uses seems to comflict with Windows font at times.
Not sure, but this is the next thing I would try.
Especially when using Windows scaling.

Yes, we’ve discussed that exact issue (in that exact font) before. It seems to show only at certain sizes of the font.

However, it once could be seen in other fonts, and may still. See the discussions here: [url]]

and here: [url]]

Question: is it visible after compile?

Sorry. I had looked for it and saw posts with Calibri, but not Times. Nowhere near compiling yet, but if it persists, during compilation, I’ll let you know.

@Dahlia42, this has been a complicated issue with various effects, but Tiho has responded with a fix that should be albe to make everything come out right, screen or print/export;

He says we can look forward to it in the next Beta, 29.

I just tried it in B29 and it is still there at 100% display but not at 125%. Screen caps attached. Hope this helps narrow down the issue.



I’ve seen this graphic glitch in Times New Roman in many other places; even in Microsoft Word and in LibreOffice. I think it’s a bug in TNR itself: every time I use it with a zoom that is multiple of 100% (I have 200% on my 4K display) I get this strange little space after the lowercase m; it disappears with fractional zoom, like 125%.

I tested it in MS Word 365 (not the online version) and it displays correctly at any zoom.

Interestingly, my test above was on my laptop. I tried it on my PC and I got the opposite: mostly fine at 100% but then really bad at 125%. Then I remembered reading about the new font hinting options and I turned font hinting off and it seems to work. at any zoom now on both PC and laptop. Both are running Win 10 64-bit.

Yes, that’s the answer – the one we spent a month or two working up…

Times New Roman looks fine at any magnifcation, tested just now from 50% on up. So do other fonts with quite different characteristics.

As of Beta 29, you can just go into File | Options | Editing, and set both Display Font Hinting and Print & PDF Font Hinting to Default.

That should get you the best of both words, thanks to Tiho.

The settings are near the top, to the right.

Yes: Office 365, as well as Office 2019, has better font hinting than previous versions. LibreOffice hasn’t, though: too bad. Scrivener beta 29 with default font hinting options works very well at any zoom rate.