Kevin Hearne learns Scrivener

Kevin Hearne, who writes the highly entertaining Iron Druid Chronicles, mentioned that he’s trying out Scrivener and is enjoying it.

If you like “urban” fantasy (set in modern day Earth, not necessarily in a big city) you will probably like his stories. He tangles with a number of gods, including his own Celtic pantheon, all while his trusty Wolf Hound tries to crack him up with corny jokes that only he can hear. Good fun. I recommend the audio book, narrated by Keith Daniels.


Wow, what a tangled mess of ambiguous antecedents. :blush: “He” the author does not tangle with “his” gods, fyi. The main character of the Iron Druid book series does that. “He” the author also does not have a psychic wolf hound who cracks jokes with him, as far as I know.

Shit! :open_mouth: I was gonna download until I read that!! Thought it was a true story :confused: You’re supposed to put SPOILER ALERT!!! before revealing facts like that! jeeezzz!!! Wot y’ like… eh? tch!tch!

Maybe I’m just a skeptic? It’s not like I live next door to the dude, so maybe he does have homicidal love gods, a magical link to the Earth, and a mental bond with a wise-cracking dog.

Feel better, V?

No! Not really. However, since Atticus O’Sullivan does appear to have a lot in common with a certain younger Hirsuitum Posterious Weldercusi, circa 'way back in the swirling proverbial… I’ve ordered a copy of as an act of solidarity with the lad.
Hirsuitum :wink: