Key stroke error in the program

I got help finding the Character map. When using it, I had to decrease the size of the character. I used the command under Format>Font> for increasing/decreasing size. That command is CTRL+< or CTRL+>. This is incorrect. It should be CTRL+shift+< or CTRL+shift+>. The on in the system didn’t work but the one I used included the shift key and that did work.

How do you make a ‘<’ or ‘>’ without using the Shift key?

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Hi @Dixie,

Actually, these Scrivener keyboard shortcuts are correct. Scrivener does not assume everyone has exactly the same keyboard layout, which is the right way to do it.

When you press an assigned key stroke sequence, regardless of how you got there, the assigned Scriv command will execute. (If you ever have to write any hotkey scripts in a tool like Autohotkey, you will appreciate this approach. :nerd_face:)

If you review the keyboard shortcuts under File > Options > Keyboard, you’ll see Scriv is consistent in this regard. Shift is only mentioned in shortcuts where the Shift key is actually part of the unique key stroke sequence. E.g., Alt+Shift+B to toggle the Binder view.

For instances where shifting is necessary (on your keyboard) to reach the key (on my keyboard that would be: ~, +, {, }, <, >, symbols above number keys, etc.) Shift is not mentioned. The shift is implied, because otherwise how else would you reach the necessary key (as @kewms says).



Thanks for the explanation. I went by the software menu and manual instructions but wouldn’t have known that based on the manual. I had to use the ctrl+ for both increase and decrease.