Keyboard for iPad Air?

I bought an iPad Air in early November and it appears to me that it’s powerful enough to use for some real writing (where are you Scrivener for iOS?). I know the Air hasn’t been out for long but does anyone have experience with a keyboard cover or case for the thing? I’m a touch-typist so keyboard feel is important to me. I know I won’t find anything like a Macally ICEKEY for the iPad but I’d like to find the best available. Any help would be appreciated.
If I start using it during the day for some real work, maybe I can stop lying to my wife about how it really isn’t much different than her iPad 2. I’m certain that if she uses the Air for a bit she won’t want to go back to her iPad.
I put about 1/4 pound of lead tape on the bottom and had her hold it by the edges and well below eye-level. “Your fingertips are much more sensitive to weight differences than your palms, Honey. See? Your iPad 2 is about the same weight.”
Luckily, the display difference doesn’t seem to be instantly apparent if you aren’t looking closely. She’s happy with her iPad 2 and I figure why ruin that relationship by letting her try the Air?
Am I a bad person? However, I am a person with $700 extra in his bank account.

I’m quite picky about keyboards for my desktop. I have a 1984 IBM Model M that has been working flawlessly for years, giving me tactile and audible feedback as I hammer away at the keys, and will continue to do so long after I’m gone. It’s wonderful.

As for my iPad, I simply don’t write with the iOS keyboard. I may dictate a line or two, and it’s alright for grocery lists but not for Writing (with a capital W).

I have tried 5-6 keyboards that would make my iPad into a writing machine and have two favorites for two different reasons. The ones that are the same size as an iPad or that double as a screen cover are going to be, by necessity, smaller than what you’re used to using. You can train yourself to use a smaller set of rubber chicklet keys but it will not be the speedy touch-typing that you enjoy at a computer. I don’t even like the slightly smaller keys of a laptop.

The first of my favorites stays in my army-green messenger bag all the time: the Matias folding bluetooth keyboard for Mac. It’s handy at all times because it folds and isn’t very heavy. When it unfolds it’s the same size as my desktop keyboard, complete with a number pad. It is usable but it’s not as responsive as my IBM. It’s alright and my only complaint is that it feels a bit squishy to me but if you’ve been using the rubber-dome switch keyboard that came with your computer, you won’t notice much difference.

The other favorite keyboard is the Laptop Pro for Mac, also by Matias. It’s bluetooth and it has legitimate KEYS with mechanical switches. It’s a bit heavier than the folding keyboard and it doesn’t have a number pad. It’s quieter than my IBM, for which I’m sure other cafe patrons are grateful. But because of the slight weight and size issues, I don’t want to carry it everywhere I go. I usually switch out keyboards when I’m purposely going somewhere to write as my primary mission.

I hope you can find them in local shops so you can try them in person. I don’t currently live in a civilized city so I had to get them by mail order. My best advice is that size does matter and it’s not so bad to trade a bit of easy portability for comfortable use.

I strongly recommend the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover.
I use one with an iPad 3, and it creates a neat portable laptop.
The cover fits the iPad exactly, attaching to it with a magnetic clasp.
You slide them apart, place the iPad in a groove on the cover,
In either portrait or landscape position, and off you go.
For simple surfing and reading, I use the iOS keyboard.
For e-mail, note-taking, and writing, the bluetooth keyboard.
It’s small, but has all the necessary keys onboard
With good action and responsiveness.
Only drawback: the iPad and keyboard charge separately,
but since I use the keyboard less, that’s not a problem.
The combined unit is small and light, and it fits into a zipper case.
The LUKC for iPad Air should be even thinner and lighter.
Best prices at Amazon:
Good luck!

I dislike the iOS keyboard, too. My typing tops out around 60 wpm, not too fast, but neither is my thought process, so it works out about right.
Thanks for the keyboard ideas, I’ll check them out in local shops.

I got my wife a Logitech keyboard for her iPad 2 and it’s a pretty good keyboard. There seem to be complaints about the Logitech’s version for the iPad Air, though. As always, the Amazon customer comments are pretty informative. I can wait for the issues to be addressed, if I can’t find anything else I like right now.
I appreciate your help.