Keyboard most similar to MacBook keyboard (particularly ctrl, fn, cmd key placement)?

I’m looking for a wireless keyboard similar to the Mac Keyboard in terms of the placement of the fn/cmd/ctrl keys. At work I switch frequently between using my laptop keyboard when I’m in a meeting, and using my current wireless keyboard at my desk which has the fn/ctr/cmd keys in a different order than the laptop. It appears that the wireless keyboard I already have is pretty standard, with the ctrl keying being on the left most postition, followed by FN and cmd, but the laptop has FN in the left most then followed by cntrl, alt, cmd.

What are your other criteria for a keyboard? You can’t get anything more similar than an Apple “Magic :unamused: Keyboard”, but I assume you know about that option.

I feel your pain. :smiley: You might have a look at Mac Ally products. Mac keyboard layout products are their specialty. I’ve been happy with their PMOBILEKEY foldable Bluetooth model. Logitech might be worth a look, too.

OTOH, I just bought an older Apple Wireless Keyboard, new in box, that has an identical layout to my MBA keyboard. Two batteries, no charging. :smiley: Is BT an option, or are you stuck with a 2.4 G Hz interface?