keyboard-shortcut conflict scrivener vs. OS X


just came over a conflict between a keyboard-shortcut scrivener 1.11 uses, vs. a system-wide shortcut OS X 10.4.11 uses (- using a GERMAN keyboard lay-out!)

“Align Left” = “⌘ {” (on a german keyboard = “command + alt + 8”)

OS X-shortcut for System-preferences>Universal Acces>
“switching ‘zoom’ on/off” = “⌘ ⌥ 8” (which is - on a german keyboard = “command + alt + 8”, which is = “⌘ {” )

when i hit the “allign left” - shortcut in scrivener nothing happens, instead the “zoom” status is switched.

maybe this could be changed in future updates?

a workaround is to manualy set a different keyboard-shortcut for scrivener in the system-preferences>keyboard & mouse> keyboard shortcuts .

maybe this helps.


The strange thing is that the align left shortcut is assigned not by Scrivener, but by the default menu set up. That is, you will find exactly the same shortcut for align left in TextEdit and Pages. For that reason, I won’t change it, but I agree with you that this is odd - it sounds like an oversight on Apple’s part, to be honest. As you say, the workaround is to change things via Keyboard & Mouse preferences.
Thanks for pointing this out and all the best,

thanks for such detailed answer.



It’s definitely Apple who had not been paying attention.

In Apple Mail for example the alignment on a German keyboard is set with cmd+opt+ö(centered)/ü(left)/ä(right). Now have a look at these:

German keyboard layout shift.png
English keyboard layout shift.png

Programs using the Apple TextEngine have the alignment set to the same characters as on the English keyboard. On the other hand at least Apple Mail has the alignment set to the keys located in the area of the keys on an English keyboard.

Now that’s confusing. But Apple Mail is an odd fella anyway …