Keyboard Shortcut Editor

I would really love to be able to change the shortcuts associated with some actions, a la Adobe Flash, Photoshop, etc. I know there is a feature freeze, but I think this one is minute enough that you might consider it, and i think users would love it, as would I.

I love it when users tell me that a feature will be easy or “minute”. :slight_smile: As though programming a whole interface for swapping in and out keyboard shortcuts and their masks which are ingrained and archived at the internal Apple .nib level would be the sort of thing I could knock up after tea and before Eastenders (not that I watch Eastenders)… But I digress…

Anyway, the good news is - you can already do this! And you can do it with any other application on your Mac, too, for that matter. Just go to System Preferences > Keyboard & Mouse > Keyboard Shortcuts. Click on the “+” button at the bottom, add Scrivener as the application, enter the name of the menu item for which you want to change the keyboard shortcut, enter the new keyboard shortcut and, voila, you have your wish.

See, I also love it when it turns out that I don’t actually have to do anything. :slight_smile:

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What I meant by minute was that it wasn’t a huge feature addition, as say, adding a binder to a word processor (dramatically changing the use of the program), not minute in programming work on your part.

Thank you for the info, I’ll be sure to use this.

Update: This works great! I wish I knew about this years ago!

I know - this seems to be something that the average user doesn’t know about. A Scrivener user (AmberV) pointed it out to me ages ago because I’d never used it, either. But it’s such a useful feature as it gives complete control. For instance, a lot of users prefer always to paste into Scrivener minus the formatting - and using that keyboard shortcuts system preference they can easily swap around the shortcuts for “Paste” and “Paste and Match Style” so that cmd-V does plain-text pasting in Scrivener.
Anyway, glad it helped.
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