Keyboard shortcut for a specific Font

One of my biggest nightmares about this version of scrivener is changing fonts. Honestly I have reported the problem a few times. I’m about ready to try using another program then pasting it into scrivener, but that is not what I would like to do!

If there was a way to create a shortcut for a specific font, that would be helpful. I have tried looking how to do that but I have had no luck. I use and love the Sitka text that scrivener has by default. But there are dialogs from a deity that has a font change. I would like to assign another font to a keyboard short cut so I can highlight it and change it without having to go into that horrible behaving menu.

I’ve reported the menu issues already but heard nothing back. However, it would also be nice if you put the most recently used fonts at top too.

Create a character style with the font in question, assign a shortcut to it; create another* for Sitka and assign a shortcut … you can go backwards and forwards between the two using the shortcuts.


  • I don’t think the shortcuts act as toggles.

Thank you. I did as you instructed. I found something interesting though. I did one for the Garamond, one for italics text and one for sitka text without italics. if the italics is already active, when i use the shortcut to change it back to the normal Sitka text , it won’t take the italics off even though the style was made without the italics …

Thanks for the solution. it at least does the Garamond change for me and the italics. at least i only have to uncheck italics before goin on without it. But wonderful solution. I just hope all the styles won’t create a problem later during compiling. or copying the text to another program.