Keyboard shortcut for lists

I would love a keyboard shortcut for lists. I understand that there are perhaps no keyboard shortcuts to assign. May I suggest the ability to allocate a shortcut key in Options? The shortcut could toggle through the different types of list. Or if there is a way to search for asterisks and replace them with bullets afterwards?

We eventually intend to make it so each and every menu command can be customised in Options, so this will likely be possible in the future. You could indeed use asterisks and search and replace them with a bullet (it would probably be easiest to copy an existing bullet and paste it into the replace field). However this will only result in bullet characters in the document, not proper lists. Whether that matters depends on if you need the final output to be something that can be edited further in a word processor. They will not act like lists, in other words, they will just look like them. So, for printing and PDFs this would be fine, as well as scenarios where only very light editing will be done after compilation.

This is great news! Thank you.


Meaning you agree it’s great news?

Sorry KB, should have been clearer. Let me try again …

  1. Its great news! “We eventually intend to make it so each and every menu command can be customised in Options, so this will likely be possible in the future.”
    +1 (much needed and appreciated)

  2. The ability to apply a list with a keyboard shortcut
    +1 (having to use the mouse only stinks, though I end up using the mouse anyway because of the bugs involving pasting and wacky formatting that sometimes happens unpredictably).

  3. Ability to store and apply a custom format (i.e. style) in the Windows version the same way you can do in Mac
    +1 (sorry that’s out of scope here but it is another way to tackle the problem though the mouse is still required)

At risk of reanimating a six month old thread…I’d like to add an emphatic “yes please!” to the request for an Insert List keyboard shortcut. For those of us who spend most of our time in Full-Screen Mode (aka Composition Mode), this feature would be particularly welcome, as there is currently no way to create a bullet list without hitting F11 and bursting the bubble. (Personally, I find it quite difficult to pretend I did not see that “57 new email messages!” notification up there in the corner…)

A possible alternative—one that may or may not be easier to implement—would be to add an Insert List item to the right-click menu (similar to Insert Table, which is already present). The right-click menu is available in Full Screen mode, so it would address the issue described above. (And I suppose a nested menu could be used, as with the Fonts menu item, to support various types of lists.)

Not sure if still an open problem, but I didn’t see a fix.
N.b. same as the official solution for adding shortcuts, but with clarification for nested lists and symbolic bullets

A solution for Mac users - using System Preferences -> Keyboard -> App Shortcuts

Add a shortcut for Scrivener, and set the title to be


where * is the list-specifier. For symbolic bullets, recommend copy-pasting the bullet from the editor after manually inserting a list (to ensure that you get the same character).

Also note that for list styles such as [code]

[/code]there are two spaces between bullets and no trailing spaces.