Keyboard shortcut for lists

Hey everyone & greetings from Oslo.

I’m a recent convert to Scrivener (from Emacs + org-mode). I’m very satisfied so far, but being used to a very Emacsy way of doing things, I wish there were a more intuitive way (i.e., a keyboard shortcut) to create lists than the rather cumbersome sequence of Alt-R + L + selecting a suitable bullet point. Is there a shortcut for this, and if not, how can I create one?

(In Emacs, intuitively enough, if I start a line with anything that looks at all like it might be a list (A., 1., I., or just a hyphen), the subsequent line will print the next item, and so on; you can also easily change the indentation level. I think it would make a lot of sense if something like this were incorporated in an upcoming version – I believe Word/LibreOffice does this as well.)