Keyboard Shortcut for Non-Breaking Space

Hello Scriv pros. I have installed Win 3 Scriv. I looked in the shortcut list for a non-breaking space, but neither the default nor legacy shortcuts work. Anyone know how to make non-breaking spaces?

I don’t use the shortcuts much, but I noticed that the default keystroke for inserting a non-breaking space is Alt+Space. But that key sequence is reserved by Windows to bring up a program’s system menu, so you may try redefining the setting for a different key sequence.

Thanks BClarke. Yes, I was puzzled why the System Menu came up with Alt Space. Thanks, I will see what can be done about changing the shortcut. This is really slowing me down with so many new formatting codes to work out.

You can always set all your shortcuts back to the v1 system, although I haven’t tried that, so not sure if there are any unintended consequences.

File > Options > Keyboard. Click on the pulldown arrow next to Import, on the lower right. Select Scrivener for Windows v1. Press Okay.


Help->List of all shortcuts will show you what shortcuts are available for your shortcut theme.
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You change the shortcut theme in Options->Keyboard
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The Scrivener V3 Windows shortcuts are most complete and fairly easy to use/remember.