Keyboard shortcut for numbered lists

Has anyone had any luck assigning a shortcut to numbered lists? I can do it for bulleted lists in the normal way (i.e. through system prefs) but for some reason the numbered list shortcuts don’t stick.

I’ve tried the usual - making sure the menu title is exact, including / excluding spaces at the end, eating a clove of garlic at a crossroads at midnight from the lips of a virgin fed only on apples etc - but I can’t get it to work. Anybody got any ideas?

BTW, in the ‘Odd but never mind’ category: the shortcuts that do work do show their shortcuts in Keith’s new Lists bar (on the formatting bar), but don’t appear in the Format/Lists submenu. Odd, but never mind…

Many thanks


Dance clockwise around a walnut tree 12 times, and then fire a shotgun into the air. This usually solves the problem for me.

I think that happens because it is the first (or is it last?) menu that is spawned in a loop. If two menu items have the same identifier, the customisation only impacts one. I think it is the last.

Thanks, Ioa

Though not a shortcut, I use numbered lists in this way.

  1. hit command + shift + ?
  2. enter “lists 1”
  3. select “Lists > 1. 2. 3.”

I hadn’t thought of that. Thanks very much!


But I can not use “Document > Change Icon > …” in this way(grayed out).
It seems not to be almighty.

Has a way to create a shortcut for a numbered list been created since this question was posted 10 years ago? I’ve been able to assign a shortcut to everything else I need (such as the bullet list), but can’t get the numbered list shortcutted.

Update: with continue searching I found an updated post and the trick is indeed found to be: