Keyboard shortcut for searching "Title (All Words)" and "Text (Exact Phrase)"?

Hi, I’m nuts for not asking this sooner, but is there a way–even a sophisticated one–for me to set up a keyboard shortcut that jumps me right into the searchbox with the “Title (All Words)” search, and to also set up another keyboard shortcut that does the same for “Text (Exact Phrase)”? I find that I spend a lot of time manually clicking inside the search box and setting these searches back and forth. :slight_smile:

There are no shortcuts for switching search options, however for this specific problem you can use the same sort of technique you would in a web search engine, and put the exact phrase in double-quotes, when using either the All or Any Words settings. Thus for All Words, ‘charles “kicked the”’ would find documents with the phrase “kicked the” that also include the word “charles”. If you set the mode to Any Word, then the quoted phrase becomes optional as well as any other words in the query, but is still treated as a phrase.

Thanks! And is there a shortcut for jumping my cursor into the search box?

CMD SHIFT F. Is that what you need?

Yes! Thanks! Such a helpful community. I really appreciate everyone.