Keyboard shortcut for styles not working ?


I’m using Scrivener 3 and I have an issue with styles shortcut : they just don’t want to work.
I have tried with the left and right maj/shift, to type a number from the line below the functions key or with the numpad, it doesn’t do anything.

  • Is there something I can do about it ?
  • Why isn’t there a way to configure these shortcuts in the shortcut options ? If you can, you should put everything there so we can choose any combination for anything (by the way, it would be nice also to have the possibility to assign a shortcut to make a list).

If you can help, thanks.

PS : I don’t have issues in other programs with the alt+maj combination and I can apply any style by clicking it in the format bar, there’s no problem with that. BUT, maybe it could have something to do with Windows 10 system shortcuts ? I don’t know.

You mean Alt-Shift-4 (Alt-$) doesn’t work, for instance?

[attachment=0]style shortcuts.png[/attachment]

Yeah it’s the SHIFT key (it’s “MAJ” in French I guess).
When I make the ALT+SHIFT+1 combination it types “1” instead of applying the style, as if the ALT key wasn’t registering at all.

Mind you, it’s the same combination of keys I have to use in Wordpress to change a paragraph to a

tag and it works there. I still don’t know why it doesn’t work in Scrivener.

Edit : if it can help, I verified the combination ALT+SHIFT+N to create a new folder and it works so it’s not the ALT key that is not processed but maybe it has something to do with the numbers keys.

I gathered from another thread that the number row on a French keyboard acts oddly.

So, to type a 1 you need to press the shift key? On my (non-laptop) keyboard, the 1 is a single key, while shift 1 is an !

Is there some simple explanation like caps lock is on or shift is getting reversed? something like that?

Yes. That’s the glitch. Number keys are inverted on the French keyboard compared to English.

Maybe alt-1 will do the trick, then?

Nah, it just types an “&”.

So I guess there’s no solution, unless a developer can work it out but I don’t know if they use a certain framework here for key input that is limitating in some ways.

I know, it sucks. I do have a numpad though so it’s not a problem really.
I don’t know for other European countries but in France we have AZERTY keyboards and we can’t even do most of our accentuated letters in capitals (é, à, ù, ç), we have to resort to using ALT codes (I keep a list).
On Linux you can and that’s amazing, but on Windows, every time I finish to write something I have to Find>Replace to change capital letters (you can leave the first letter unaccentuated though, people don’t really notice most of the time but if you write something all caps without accents, it feels off).