Keyboard shortcut for text color

I’m wondering if I can create a keyboard shortcut to apply a certain text colour (‘Tin’, in my case). I tried to do this in system Keyboard shortcuts, using the command Tin, but because (I think) this command only appears in the context menu, under ‘text color’, the system doesn’t seem to recognise it. Does anyone know of an alternative way of creating a customised keyboard shortcut like this? Or does one already exist for the five main text colours (as with highlighters) but I can’t see it?


A dynamic contextual menu at that (dynamic because it adds custom colours to it in real-time). What I’d recommend is creating a Formatting Preset with Tin assigned to it, and then bind your shortcut to the preset.

Perfect! That worked a treat. Didn’t realise you could create formatting presets on characters only – just to show I’m still learning Scrivener’s magic.

Thanks Amber.

Can I throw another curly one at you: what about creating a keyboard shortcut to apply a specific label? Labels are also only in the context menu, I think?


I can’t think of anything for labels, except to remark that they can be done in bulk from the contextual menu, so it is often easer to run through a group of items and then set their label appropriately once the assignment is ready. For instance, with Status, you might give your five scenes to edit for the day. You select them, toss them into a Collection and work through them during the day. When you are done just select the entire collection and set the status with the contextual menu to “Revised” (or whatever). Then you can empty out the collection or toss it.

Thanks Ioa (not Amber :wink: ).

My situation is different as I’m pulling apart interview transcripts, selecting sections of text and dragging them to form new documents, then labelling them with the interviewees name (so that later I’ll be able to look at what everyone said about a given topic but still able to trace the comments back to the original.

But it’s not a problem – the context menu is fine. I’m just a keyboard junkie so thought I’d see if there might be a way to do it that way.


Got it, yeah that doesn’t suit itself toward bulk management. I find the Inspector to be the easiest place to do one-off settings to label and status. It’s a wide target to hit with the mouse and the menu only displays the relevant info, so you just have to move vertically to select the right one, rather than down and over and down again in the contextual menu. I only use the contextual menu if I need to do a bulk assignment. Outliner also makes this easier, if you add the label column.