Keyboard Shortcut taken over by audio player?

Possible bug, or just keyboard shortcut collision or something. - v2.7

When I’m in split screen and an audio player is on the right side to play an mp3, CMD+SHIFT+LEFT ARROW doesn’t select the current line of text like I’d expect. Instead, it starts playing my audio file backwards.

(Anyone who watched ‘Twin Peaks’ will feel right at home with the audio. :stuck_out_tongue:)

I am seeing the same thing. Here is what I posted in the Technical Support area:

Did you recently upgrade to El Capitan?

Yeah, sounds like the same thing.
I did just upgrade to El Cap, but also just upgraded to Scrivener 2.7, so I wasn’t sure which of those two caused it. But from what you said, it’s most likely an El Capitan thing.

Here is the error cut-and-pasted from per KB’s instructions in *** BUG REPORTING: Please read before posting! ***:

That warning is to be expected as we have to use the older player, as the replacement player Apple provided can not be used in 32-bit programs.

The bug is that 10.11 breaks keyboard control with these media players—why they changed code that is meant to be deprecated is beyond me. The player now takes over all views in the window and there is no way around that. We’ve already reported this as a bug, but I wouldn’t expect them to ever fix it since they don’t fix deprecated stuff.