Keyboard shortcuts for changing font color

Is it possible to create a keyboard shortcut for changing the font color? The formatting presets seem to apply to whole paragraphs, whereas I’d want to apply a color to any selected text, usually just a couple of words.

It sounds like you are saving your formatting presets with too many attributes. When you create the preset, there is a drop-down menu in the lower left that lets you select between saving all formatting (default), or to only save character attributes or paragraph attributes. If a preset has paragraph attributes saved into it, then the character attributes saved into it will be applied to the entire paragraph.

[size=80]The blue icon for the preset should only have an a in it.[/size]

The three different types of icon here help you know what will happen when you select the preset. Any preset with a pilcrow symbol in the icon is going to normalise character formatting in the target paragraph.

Thank you so much! I think I kept the default, not checking the other options. Now I have just what I want.