Keyboard shortcuts for jumping to next sentence/selecting sentence

Now that focus mode allows highlighting a sentence at a time, is there a way to leverage that feature to all me to jump to the next sentence, or to select the current sentence as defined by the focus mode? Is there already a “next/previous” sentence shortcut that I haven’t found yet?

Scrivener just uses the standard macOS bindings here, and sadly Apple doesn’t provide a next/previous sentence binding. I doubt we have a shortcut available that would work for it, either.

Having adopted a 2018 iPad as my primary on-the-go writing tool, I lament that same lack when using a keyboard with iOS. Holding down shift will mark text selected using the cursor keys and adding option will move one word at a time. But as handy as it would be, there’s no added key we can use to select text a sentence at a time. That’d make selecting large blocks of text far easier.

Perhaps we should push Apple to add this feature. Indeed, there’s a heck of a lot Apple could do to improve their macOS and iOS text handling. I’d love to see them add GREP search and replace. InDesign has it and it’s a marvelous time-saver. But alas, Apple seems to regard its typical user as an illiterate who needs emoticons more than better text handling.

I know you were speaking of using an external keyboard to achieve the task, but in case you don’t know, you can select text up to a line at a time by using the OSK’s extended keyboard row (Settings app > Scrivener > Editor). You can have it on-screen just to perform the task, then hide it till needed again. The initial selection must be done with the keyboard row’s selection key, then you can use its arrow down/up key to move one line. The other arrows move the selection a space or word at a time.

This is actually super easy. Just add a keyboard shortcut in System Preferences for Select Sentence (e.g. ⇧⌘A) then after selecting a sentence press either the back/forward arrow keys to move to the beginning/end of current sentence.