Keyboard Shortcuts for Scriptwriting Tool?

Is there a keyboard shortcut to engage the different scriptwriting tool options? I know that when you’re writing it relies heavily on tab/enter to move between logical next steps, but if I’m doing something out-of-band, do I have to click the drop-down menu each time?

Pressing Enter twice in a row will bring up the elements menu for you to select from with the arrow keys, or pressing Ctrl+\ will pop up the menu in the corner with each element given a shortcut letter, so pressing that letter will switch the current line to that element.

Might be useful… … scrivener/

I get the in-line pop up menu, but my arrow keys do nothing.

EDIT: Okay, turns out the arrows do change the selection, but I can’t see the highlight… I will investigate further. Thanks!

That’s odd. Do you see the selection highlight in the menu at all? Up/Down should move it, then Enter to confirm the selection. Is the selection highlight there but not moving? Can you double-click into that menu with the mouse to change the element? (I realise that’s not any more helpful than clicking from the footer, but I’m just trying to see if the menu is responsive at all.)

EDIT: Ah, okay. Selections are a light grey in my Win8 colour scheme; you might want to check monitor contrast and so on to see if that makes it clearer.

Definitely not a monitor contrast issue. The selection is fully responsive, just invisible. I have a feeling it’s a Scrivener color setting somewhere as I’ve changed all the colors in the default scheme within the program… however, I can’t find a setting that would directly affect that highlight color.

Ah, if you’re on Windows 8 the menu background matches the editor page colour set in the Appearance options. The selection highlight remains the same Windows selection colour, so it becomes increasingly difficult to see as the page colour gets darker, until with black it’s invisible. This is to do with how the colours are set for Windows 8; it affects the visibility of the binder selection as well when the binder colour is darker. We have this on our list, but at the moment the only solution I can suggest is to change the editor page colour.

Yup, that sounds like the issue then, because I use a Light on Black writer scheme. For now the Ctrl+\ hotkey plus a number is sufficing.