keyboard shortcuts for selecting and deleting text

Hi, I am new and enthousiastic Scrivener user. So far, there is one important feature that I miss, or maybe I should say, that I haven’t found yet. When I write, I tend to delete as much words as I write, so I use all kinds of keyboard shortcurts for selecting and deleting text, such as

  • delete this word (control delete)
  • delete previous word (control backspace)
  • delete the rest of the sentence
  • delete text up to the next comma

Is there any way that I can make such life saving macro’s or keyboard shortcuts for Scrivener?

Since Scrivener uses the default OS X text editor system, it takes advantage of a large number of pre-existing shortcuts. A good reference is located here. As for making your own, you can somewhat do this. It is addressed in the Scrivener FAQ here on the board under Advanced #3. You’ll note you can only define shortcuts based on existing hooks into the text system. Making up arbitrary macros is outside of the scope of the common text editor tool. There might be some third-party applications that provide support for this, but I know of none off-hand.

Hi Amber, many thanks. This list is just what I needed! Many greetings from Amsterdam, Johanna Kroon

Browsing through the key-bindable actions, some of which are intriguingly mysterious. I have decided to use ‘breakUndoCoalescing’ as a forum handle at the first opportunity.

– breakUndoCoalescing