Keyboard Shortcuts Option

Don’t know how many of you people are into haxies - - but Unsanity ( has a little haxie out called MenuMaster - - which allows you to delete / change / make your own menu keyboard shortcuts within any application. You can easily change the ones that are in any app - - and put some in that are not there. It doesn’t work for contextual menus - - but does otherwise.

This might help solve some of the issues for what key stroke does what for each individual.

I’ve used this little haxie since it came out without issues - - on a G4 - - running 10.4.7.

It’s a cheapie. $10 I think.

(Sorry to mess around with your built-in key strokes, KB. )

I’ve always just used the system’s built in ability to manipulate shortcuts – and it works for contextual menus, too. Does this do anything more interesting than that? I generally stay away from “hacks,” if I can.

Yes, AmberV - - this gives you complete control over all keyboard shortcuts in any specific application. Some applications use one shortcut for - - say - - showing the ruler. Other apps use another. This way - - you change them all to the one you prefer - - making them all the same.

Or - - you take out the shortcuts that the developer has put in an app that conflict with ones you have devised via other methods.

Or - - you can put in a keystroke for a menu item when the developer didn’t put one in for that menu item.

Maybe the built-in ability to manipulate shortcuts does all this. If so - - I didn’t know that. Does Tiger’s ability to manipulate shortcuts allow you to take out / devise / change keyboard shortcuts in any app - - Apple / third party / or otherwise ??

The only app I have found where this haxie does NOT work - - is with AOL and Firefox. But I use iKey for that.

I’ve run a number of haxies from Unsanity for quite a while. I have never had issues.

I just thought you people would like to know - - there are options. I live by keyboard shortcuts.

Yes, I am pretty sure most applications can be effected by the Tiger tool. I have not tried it in things like Firefox, but do know that it works in a couple of very OS 9 compatible Carbon applications.

But, the drawback is that it is rather clumsy. You have to type in the precise menu command, by hand, and then re-start the application for it to work. Also, you can not set up any non-Cmd based shortcuts. I like to use the Ctrl key a lot, because many Apple developers do not, and thus it is relatively conflict free. But using Apple’s tool, it must be Cmd-Ctrl.

I am definitely a keyboard type of person, too. That is the one thing that bothers me about using the Mac. A lot of developers seem to not even realise the benefits and their applications rely heavily upon pawing the rodent. There are a lot of things that cannot be solved by this tool or Apple’s, because they have no corresponding menu item.

Scrivener is excellent from that point of view. Keith puts in a menu item for everything, so if you can do it, you can shortcut it. The new view navigation commands are especially nice.

This sounds like something in Tiger that I have not found yet. Where is it?

They, for whatever reason, keep this gem tucked away in System Preferences > Keyboard & Mouse > Keyboard Shortcuts tab. It comes loaded with many of the basic system shortcuts, which can all be changed very easily, but to add your own application additions and over-rides, you have to use the ‘+’ button. It will automatically group application specific settings together.

Amber - - with MenuMaster - - you can use any combinations you wish - - command / opt / cntrl / F keys / etc.

No need to restart. You can begin to use them immediately.

This little app is far from clumsy. Highlite a menu command in the menu - - hit delete - - that keystroke is gone. Highlite a menu command - - hit the command you wish - - it’s there.

And no - - I don’t work for Unsanity in any way. I like keystrokes. This little app works for me.

I used to use MenuMaster but have banned haxies from my system after they caused some weird behaviour. The OS X/Tiger keyboard control panel is less easy to use but has some very useful features: you can even assign key combinations to Cocoa’s text style Ruler Menu and to Scrivener’s Screenplay Mode styles. It can be a bit picky about which key combinations you use- the control key sometimes doesn’t work and you have to watch out for key combinations that have already been assigned by an app or service menu.


Thanks, Amber. I use my Mac basically as a *nix laptop, so tend not to rummage around in the GUI bits much.

Hmmm. I’m trying to add a shortcut for “Play Media File” using the built-in Tiger method, and it’s not taking. Any suggestions? Is it because “Play Media File” toggles to “Stop Media File”?

Just so you know, beta 3 will have the key board control for this back. I miss it too!

Yeah, this was a mistake in beta 2 - I changed the keyboard shortcut to “Play media file” to shift-cmd-enter so that “Open in Editor” could be cmd-enter. However, I didn’t check it as I only did this on the day of release, and it turns out that shift-cmd-enter is invalid as a keyboard shortcut for some reason so it doesn’t turn up. So for beta 3, it will be restored to cmd-enter and I will think of another keyboard shortcut for “Open in Editor…” (probably shift-cmd-O or some such).