Keyboard shortcuts - problems with speciale signs

Hi! I found Scrivener very nice and helpfull, however I have a problem I want to discuss. I cannot use it freely to write, because of some shortcuts I cannot/I don’t know how to change. It’s because I’m writing in polish, and I need some speciale signs that are not existing on qwety keyboard. For writing those signs I’m using rigt alt+some leter, so here we go:

Alt+n - gives me new folder (while I want to write “ń”)
Alt+e - export files (very needed leter “ę”)

If it only could be changed somehow :frowning: and as far as I know the new folder should be created by ctrl+alt+n so why alt+n gives the same result? :frowning:

Same problem here.
Temporary workaround – I can write without problem in fullscreen mode. Probably we just have to wait for shortcut keys configuration.

Great writing tool, BTW.

I was poking around the Mac documentation and there didn’t seem to be anything about custom shortcuts but I hope I’m wrong. I’d like to be able to assign a few for editing purposes.

Fullscreen mode realy works :slight_smile: Thanks! Never thought about it as a solution. It’s good for now, but I still hope there will be another solution in future patch.

actually there are 3 keyboard shortcuts that prevent frm using of 3 polish characters while writing in window mode: R-Alt + L, R-Alt + E and R-Alt + N

the strange thing is in the program menu that they are represented by: Ctrl+Alt+L, Ctrl+Alt+E and Ctrl+Alt+N

I wish they can be custom reset to some other choice as I suspect there will be more international issues the shortcut settings will cause to other users worldwide

It’s a bit different on the Mac version because Macs let users assign (or reassign) shortcuts for applications just using the OS system preferences. So Scrivener doesn’t have to do anything special to let users assign custom shortcuts. It’ll have to be different on the Windows version, so we’ll have to see what Lee’s able to accommodate.

Oh, got this, sort of. According to good ol’ Wikipedia, the right Alt key/AltGr key wasn’t common on US keyboards, so Windows emulates it by using the Ctrl-Alt combo. Thus the Guidelines for Keyboard Interface Design (Windows) suggests: “Avoid CTRL+ALT combinations because the system interprets this combination in some language versions as an ALTGR key, which generates alphanumeric characters.”

So hopefully something that can get straightened out one way or another.

Owch! Okay, agree completely. We’ll take a good look at changing this for Scrivener.

We were always under the impression the foreign characters required entering the unicode number - clearly that is not the only case.

Thank you for bring this to light.

Lee :neutral_face:

glad to be of a help - if you need any other “international” testing and feedback, let me know - will be happy to assist :smiley: