Keyboard shortcuts revisited

I don’t know if anyone else will find this useful, but I’ll post it in hope … :slight_smile:

Having recently done a complete, clean re-install of Yosemite, and therefore having to reset all my personal shortcuts for Nisus, Scrivener, etc., one of the things that exercised me was trying to find a better shortcut for “Convert Formatting to Default Text Style…” than the one I had before (Ctrl-Cmd-H), I extracted all the data from the list of shortcuts in the FAQ area of the site, and then found a way to order the resulting list in terms of the final cipher, letter, number, punctuation, etc. so that, for instance, I could see at a glance what key combos with C, T, D and S were already assigned. (I found that Opt-Cmd-T was apparently unassigned, so have used that.)

So, I attach the resulting list here. But, it seems to me possible that it is out of date or that there are errors in the original list … for instance Cmd-6 is listed as opening both Project Notes and Project References, but when I tried it, nothing happened at all, though there was no beep! I also noticed that Ctrl-Cmd-T is assigned by Scrivener to “Special Characters” … on this MBA, Ctrl-Cmd-Space opens it too, but I don’t know where that assignment is made.

Also the link at the bottom of the FAQ does not find any file.

Anyhow, here is the list as it stands, if you’re interested. If you can spot any errors, let me know and I’ll amend it and re-post if you would find it helpful.

Mr X

Mac Scriv keys by cipher.pdf (49.1 KB)

Fantastic! Many thanks, Mr X.

By the way, a neat trick with converting to default format: as you may know if you hold down Option on that menu command it bypasses the exclusions sheet and just uses whatever checkboxes you used the last time. Thus, if you add Option to your custom keybinding, that bypass will apply to the command.

My pleasure.

Mr X

So I discovered. But as I don’t normally need to check any of the exclusions, it suits me; I’ll just have to remember to use the menu entry if I want to exclude anything.


Mr X

Great!!! Thank you!

In response to another thread:


here’s a revised version, which includes the Scriptwriting shortcuts which I missed before.

Mr X

Mac Scriv keys by cipher-3.pdf (59 KB)