Keyboard Shortcuts

I had some time at hand, so I made a little PDF file with the current Scrivener keyboard shortcuts, for the Windows version.

The file tackles the shortcuts from three angles, therefore the document has three main parts:

  1. Shortcuts by menu and/or section (this is the generic list)
  2. Shortcuts by key combinations (see images)
  3. Shortcuts by topic (for instance, go to “binder” and see all available shortcuts that deal with “binder”)

You can view online or download the PDF file Total length: 22 pages.


Does anyone have something similar for the Mac version?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

this is fantastic, thanks!

You might also have a look at …

where I’ve made a pdf list of the Mac shortcuts in order of the final cipher/letter/etc.


Mr X

I just want everyone to remember though that you can customize these as well.

It’s really simple to do in Windows (I don’t know anything about Mac). Select Tools then Options and on the left hand side of the pane, select Keyboard.

  1. Now the top of that pane has a text box that says Filter. You can find any keystroke that way using keywords. For example, if you type “strike” (without quotes) the strike through formatting option shows up. Just hit backspace to remove the word “strike”, if you typed it, to see the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

  2. Decide what shortcut you want. Let’s say you want to change the “strike through” to something more simple like F8.

  3. Using the Filter box again, you must first check to be sure what else is assigned F8, if any. Here we find that “show outliner tint” is F8. We’ll have to change that and repeat steps 1-3 and change that. It can be daunting sometimes, but for me, I’d never use “show outliner tint” using F8 so I would simply delete its shortcut by selecting it and clicking the X that is in the Key Sequence box to the far right.

  4. You can change any of the shortcuts you want by selecting the shortcut in the Description pane, then in the Key Sequence box that should have the shortcut you have selected in there. There, you can just change it to whatever you wish, but not by typing. You have to use the keystrokes to record them. In my case, I would change “strike through” to F8 so I would select “strike through” and I would click into the Key Sequence box, then press the F8 key.

Do I need to do a visual and make this its own post? If so, just let me know.

Hi NOM, was able to download your cheatsheet, but it won’t open…any ideas?

Thanks, Terence

G’day Terence,

What do you mean when you say it “won’t open”? Once launched, CheatSheet runs in the background until triggered. From memory (I’m not at my Mac, so can’t look it up for you) it’s triggered by pressing and holding the Command key. I think the default delay is about 3 seconds.

Beyond that, my next suggesion is to contact the developer (I’m just an occasional user of the app).

All the best,