Keyboard Shortcuts

I’m aware that holding down the command button on an external keyboard gives me a list of context-sensitive hints. Great, however, I’m curious as to any others that might be available, that might map to the MAC OSX version. Especially looking for a “select all” key combo.

Cmd-a works fine for select all. In general, if it works on Mac OS, give it a try! Many of the Mac shortcuts came over with iOS 9.

Yes, basically, when you hold Command, you get a list of all app-specific keyboard shortcuts that can be used in the current context. In other words, the list excludes:

  • Any keyboard shortcuts that cannot currently be used. (This is how Apple has designed the feature, which makes sense given limited space.)

  • Any keyboard shortcuts that tend to be standard across the system. (Again, to ensure that space isn’t wasted.)

When I add a keyboard shortcut, I get to choose whether its description is added to the shortcuts list. I add all shortcuts to this list except those that are standard. (For instance, adding all of the navigation shortcuts in the text editor for selecting text would make would make it a mess.)

So standard shortcuts such as Cmd-A for “Select All” will often not be listed even though they work (unless it’s an area where you might not otherwise expect to find the command because it’s not a system standard).

All the best,

Thanks Keith.
I could’ve sworn Cmd. +A didn’t work the other day but it does now. Pilot error, I guess.


For some reason, fn-delete doesn’t work on my BT keyboard. Is there another iOS keyboard shortcut for forward delete? Of course I’d never ask a developer to add a new shortcut just for l’il ol’ me…

Brett, fn-delete works fine on my Logitech Keyboard Cover for iPad Air 2. Which keyboard are you using?

Logitech keys to go. Not only doesn’t it work, using that command freezes Safari, so I have to switch to another app and then back to unfreeze it!
FN-Delete did work with my Apple Wireless keyboard, but it also brought up the emoji window! I have no idea why these things are happening…

An update: I have no idea why, but now my Logitech keys to go forward delete (fn-delete) is working perfectly in all apps. I’m using it and the iPad Pro more than the Mac and Apple Cinema Display now, even at home.

Using my Logitech as I previously ranted in other threads has been nothing short of a headache.

A common solution to most problems for me has been to disconnect and reconnect the Bluetooth connection. This generally fixes a lot of faulty shortcut problems.

You’re right, Yosimiti! I did indeed disconnect from BT a couple days ago for the first time in awhile. So far no other problems though.