Keyboard shortcuts

Hello Scriveners,

Is there a keyboard shortcut for “Show last document viewed” and “Show next document viewed”?

The closest I’ve come to finding it in Tools>Options>Keyboard is previous document / next document, which doesn’t replicate the above.

Thank you.

The shortcuts for Forward/Backward in Document History are Ctrl+[ and Ctrl+]. They are not well documented at all–I don’t think this function exists in the menus; it does show up in Tools > Options > Keyboard, near the end of the View section.

Ah! Current Editor Forward / Back. Thank you, David, this is handy.

Glad it helped! Note that in that Tools > Options > Keyboard dialog, it’s possible to change any of the keyboard shortcut assignments to something you like better. I keep thinking I want to change that one to Alt+Right Arrow/Left Arrow, as in browsers and some other programs, but haven’t gotten around to it yet. (By default, Alt+Right Arrow/Left Arrow shows and hides the editing toolbar.)

Great idea David, just made that change. I could never remember Ctrl+[], yet never thought of making it something more familiar!

Glad to help!