Keyboard shortcuts

I’m not particularly imaginative - I find it much easier to be creative - but/so I am running out of ideas for keyboard shortcuts. I’d very much like to use cmd+8 but that is used for scripwriting mode. Since I cannot imagine wanting to use Scriptwriting mide, is i t possible to remove/delete any of S3’s default shortcuts so that I can use them for my own needs. (So far I am using cmd+alt+7 and ditto 9 , both of which are unused by S and allocated for styless. )

(Excuse any spelling mistakes above or here: elderly ipad, in bed, and unable to zoom screen)

I like using Ctrl all by itself as a basis for shortcuts. With the exception of some text editing commands (that have roots in much geekier editors than Scrivener), it is almost never used by Mac software itself, meaning in most cases you have the entire keyboard open to your advantage. Going beyond that, Ctrl and Shift together are also rarely used.

I use Ctrl so much that I go into Modifier Keys in the System Preferences: Keyboard pane and turn the Caps Lock key into a Ctrl key. It is far more ergonomic, and I use Caps Lock for its intended function about as often as I adopt a new kitten.

And of course, don’t forget those F-keys that Apple would rather you forgot. :slight_smile: A laptop has F1 thru F12 available, even more on a large keyboard, plus any modifiers we might wish to add to them, in near every program as they are also rarely assigned by default. They are so useful for custom commands that I switch Apple’s default around and make it so I have to hold down Fn to change the volume. Nothing quite like just reaching up and punching a single button to do something.

Very helpful, thank you.