Keyboard stuck in SHIFT?

not sure what I hit, but my text currently types in ALL CAPS - even the symbol keys act as if I’m holding down the SHIFT key (ie, typing the comma key gets a < instead). It’s only doing it in Scriv, but when I change between open projects it does it on each one.

what did I do? how do I undo it? It’s not the capslock button (that’s the first thing I checked). Typing Control Z (undo) does nothing and Show Invisibles isn’t showing any special command.

Reboot your computer.
Whatever it is that happened, or whatever arcane key combination you accidentally hit that makes it like that, will most likely reset.

You may also have somehow activated “sticky keys” in your Windows settings.

… Once Sticky Keys is enabled, to turn it on, press the Shift key five times. To turn the feature off again, press Shift five times.

→ Although having just tested it, it doesn’t quite behave as you described…

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OK, that is definitely your issue. (Or so I think.)
Once Stickey Keys is activated, pressing Shift twice locks it.
Just hit Shift 5 times. That’ll take you out of this mode.
No need to reboot.

You can go in your Windows settings and reactivate the popup message that normally appears when you are about to activate Sticky Keys. So at least next time you’ll see it coming, and will be able to say “no” to it.

Also, make sure you aren’t in scriptwriting mode. If the text editor footer bar no longer has statistics, and instead has stuff about “Scene Heading” and so on, then press Ctrl+8 to get back to normal writing mode.

The standard formatting for a Scene Heading, for example, is to force all-caps.

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Could be that, though on second thought in this case I doubt it :

In all cases, if it is neither of those two possibilities, reboot your computer. That should do.

Ahh, that worked! Thank you!

I don’t know how it got turned on - hitting Shift 5 times made a beep and a pop-up window that definitely didn’t appear before, but it asked if I wanted to turn sticky keys on, I said “no” and they seem to be shut off now.

Thanks again!

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Do you have a cat ? :wink:

But no, seriously : the fact that pressing Shift five times made the popup asking you if you want it turned on appear instead of simply turning it off (as it was already on), means something odd had happened to your computer.
But whatever… it is fixed now, and you’ll know what to do if it ever happens again.

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Haha, no, no cat but I am an occasionally clumsy typist. :joy:

Something appeared in the bottom left-hand corner, right before the keys started acting weird, but it flashed so quickly that I barely even had time to see it before it was gone ¯_(ツ)_/¯ Who knows?

But you’re right, if it ever happens again, I know where to start!